What You Need to Know about Hardscaping

As part of our many home services in Dayton, OH, we at Professional Property Maintenance offer custom hardscaping. However, many Dayton homeowners are unfamiliar with this residential concrete service, so we want to clear up a few questions about hardscaping and what it can mean for your house.

What, exactly, is hardscaping?

If this term is new to you, you’ve come to the right place. Hardscaping is all about the outdoor, non-plant design elements for your home. From retaining walls to rock gardens, hardscaping adds visual interest to your landscaping and often functionality to your home.

What are my hardscaping options?

Professional Property Maintenance loves helping Dayton homeowners’ imaginations run wild. If you have hardscaping ideas, our design team can work with you to achieve your design and make your outdoor living space both beautiful and functional. Some past hardscaping projects have included patios, driveways, pool decks, concrete stamping, and more.

How much does hardscaping cost?

Every hardscaping project is a little bit different, because we try to cater each design to that particular home. Your best bet for getting an accurate price is to contact us directly and schedule a design consultation. That way, we can see your space and give you current prices on the products and services.

Professional Property Maintenance of Dayton, OH would love to work with you on your hardscaping project. Additionally, we offer residential landscaping, mulching, concrete, and other services, in case you’re interested in expanding your outdoor project. Call us at (937) 236-5531 to get started!

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