Federal Contracting

With millions of acres of land owned by federal agencies across the country, the need for a professional and environmentally conscious landscaping company can’t be overstated. At Professional Property Maintenance, we have maintenance and landscaping experts stationed throughout the U.S., all of whom understand what it takes to keep land looking its best. If you’re looking to contract out your property and grounds maintenance, look no further than PPM. Contact us at (937) 236-5531 for more details.

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  • Federal Snow Removal

Landscaping and General Grounds Maintenance

As both a commercial and residential maintenance business, we understand that efficiency and practicality is as important to an area as is beauty and creativity. As professional contractors, we can eliminate the need for you to do most ground maintenance work, including the following tasks:

Snow Removal and Lot Cleaning

In many parts of the country, winter is just another term for “unpredictable.” From ice storms to major blizzards, weather can keep your building inaccessible to the public. Instead of relinquishing your control over to the weather, face the volatility of winter with PPM. We offer a regular and emergency snow removal service to our customers in Ohio and everywhere else around the country. As one of the largest snow removal companies in the nation, and with more than 100 pieces of plowing and snow removal equipment, we have all the tools to keep the weather at bay. We’ll even completely remove the unsightly snow mounds from your lot.

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For your more general cleanup needs, we also have a lot sweeping service that will push, sweep, blow, and vacuum debris from your parking lot. When appearances matter, we’re there to help. From federal buildings to national parks, Professional Property Maintenance has experience handling it all. If you’d like more information about any of our federal lawn care or landscaping services, call our office at (937) 236-5531 today.