The Best Mulch in Dayton, OH

You know when it’s time to start mulching—the snow is long gone, temperatures are rising, the sun is shining, and you can walk outside without a jacket. You’re ready to do some serious landscaping to make your home look great, but you want to find mulch that will last all through the warmer months. Who wants their landscaping to look drab in June? Not you.


That’s why you need the high-quality mulch and landscaping expertise of Professional Property Maintenance. We are the Dayton area’s premier landscape contractor, and we take everything we do seriously—including mulching.

When you’re ready to start mulching in your garden or flowerbeds, all you have to do is come to our New Carlisle, OH, location. We carry mulch in bulk, and you can choose from a variety of colors and textures, including playground mulch that is safe for kids’ play areas. At PPM, we sell mulch in bulk, and we calculate our rates by the yard. In comparison to buying individual bags, bulk mulch can save you big money when you plan to cover a large space.

For the DIY-er, picking up your mulch and spreading it can easily be done in a day or a weekend, depending on how large a space you’re mulching. However, if you don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself, you can also hire our landscaping professionals to do the mulching for you. We’ll gladly help you get your flower beds looking top notch in no time.

Good mulch can make a big difference for your home’s curb appeal, along with other benefits to your landscape. To find out more or to get a free quote, contact PPM of Ohio at (937) 236-5531. We serve the residents in and around Dayton, OH.

photo credit: A Leaf Among Wood Chips via photopin (license)

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