3 Landscaping Benefits of Mulch

Mulch can provide just the right foundation for making your home’s landscaping look great. It’s amazing how just the right shade of mulch accents your home’s exterior and makes flowers pop. But did you know that mulch has many benefits beyond curb appeal?

Check out these three perks of using mulch from your friends at Professional Property Maintenance of Dayton, OH.

1. Manage weeds.

From your garden to landscaping, weeds love to take over. A thick layer of mulch helps you control these pesky weeds by slowing down weed growth. The slower weeds grow, the easier it is for you to keep your flowerbeds weed-free.

2. Prevent erosion.

Soil that isn’t protected either by a solid root system or a thick covering is susceptible to erosion. What that means for your landscaping is that without mulch, the soil around your home is a blank canvas for rain and other elements to wash away soil. Soil erosion also removes valuable top soil that your landscaping needs to remain healthy and vibrant. Mulch provides the protective cover your soil needs to stay in place.

3. Retain moisture.

You value your landscaping—and the money you’ve invested in it—and want to keep it looking its best. However, dry, hot weather can wreak havoc on your lawn, shrubs, and other foliage. During these dry spells, mulch can help hold in moisture that your plants need to stay healthy and look their best.

Don’t let your landscaping and soil suffer without a protective layer of quality mulch. Whether you decide to mulch yourself or hire a residential lawn-care professional, Professional Property Maintenance has what you need. We carry mulch in a variety of color and texture options.

Contact Professional Property Maintenance at (937) 236-5531 to ask about our mulching services in the Dayton area. We can sell you bagged mulch directly at our landscaping retail center, or we can add mulching on to your regular landscaping contract.

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