Professional Concrete Contractors

Some people overlook the importance of having experts install a concrete driveway, patio, or other outdoor area. When you want the best driveway on the block, or need another area paved or stamped, you can count on Professional Property Maintenance. Contact us today at (937) 236-5531. We’re available for projects in the Dayton, Ohio, area and surrounding areas.

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Concrete Contractors + Commitment = PPM

As experts in the field of residential and commercial concrete services, Professional Property Maintenance understands the importance of planning in advance and using the highest grade materials. Low-quality materials and improperly paved concrete can result in large cracks, spalling, popouts, and a lack of drainage which can lead to flooding and other future issues.

Start Your Concrete Project!

Known for our commitment to quality, we use polypropylene, fiber-reinforced concrete on most of our projects as it is guaranteed to be stronger than the standard wire-reinforced alternative. We believe it is vital for our completed jobs to stand the test of time, so we only use the best materials available.

We also offer highly decorative designs and overlays for those who want to add a little more personality to their patio or driveway. We will be there from the beginning of the idea through completion of the project. When you hire a concrete contractor at PPM, you are guaranteed quality results for any project.

If you’re interested in any of our residential concrete services, contact us at (937) 236-5531 today. Along with these services, we also have a retail store at our Dayton location that sells bagged and bulk gardening, mulching, landscaping, and hardscaping products.