Retail Center (Firewood, Mulch, & More)

Located near Dayton, Ohio, Professional Property Maintenance’s retail center has one of the largest selections of bulk landscape materials and general gardening products in the state. Our shelves are lined with everything you need to start and finish nearly any outdoor home improvement project. Although coming into our store is the best way to see our complete selection of products, you may also call us at (937) 236-5531 with questions about what we carry.

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Buy Landscaping Materials in Bulk

For all you Dayton homeowners who dare tackle the do-it-yourself project, let PPM help you find the materials you’ll need. We have a variety of mulches, stones, sands, topsoil, and other materials that can sometimes confuse consumers. As expert residential and commercial landscapers, our staff understands the materials that work best in specific areas and for certain projects.

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For instance, we know that there are certain mulches manufactured to increase aeration for gardens, and others that have a built-in weed killer. Such choices can be the difference between “excellence” and “good.” Come to the experts when you need to buy mulch in Dayton, OH.

When you need to buy gravel, mulch, dirt, sand, sidewalk salt, or other landscaping materials in Dayton, let PPM help you find exactly what you need. Stop by for an in-depth look at our selection and to speak with an expert, or contact us at (937) 236-5531 today.