Residential Landscaping Services

Curb appeal is an essential feature to any home – it welcomes guests, increases the value of your house and the rest of the homes in your neighborhood, and makes a great first impression. At Professional Property Maintenance, we understand that an excellent landscape design is the key to having your home look the best on the block. If you need some landscaping ideas for your home in the Dayton, Ohio area or anywhere else in the country, call us at (937) 236-5531.

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Landscape Services

As professional commercial and residential landscapers, PPM offers a multitude of services to customers from coast to coast. Whether you’ve just purchased your first home and need an exterior makeover, or you’re putting your house up on the market, our experts are on hand to beautify your yard. Our services include the following, and more:

From Landscaping Design to Installation

Tackling projects all by your lonesome doesn’t have to fill up your entire weekend. We know you’ve got lots of things to do, which is why we’re here to help. At Professional Property Maintenance, our landscape contractors will plan, design, and install your new yard as you sit back and relax.

Starting with a free consultation, our experts do a complete on-site analysis of your outdoor area, focusing on how to best showcase your yard. Taking into account your desires and needs, we will then create landscape design ideas and offer professional advice on which elements would work best in any area. From this initial design stage, PPM will then provide homeowners with estimates and proposals for any services required, free of charge. Many other landscaping companies in Dayton can’t offer the same.

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At PPM, we strive to be the most committed landscaping company in the nation. We are proud of every project we complete—from the simpler tree-trimming job to the complete redesign of a backyard—and that’s apparent from the moment we set foot on your property. Along with our residential and commercial division, we also contract our work out to federal agencies all over the country. If you would like to learn more about any of our services, contact us at (937) 236-5531 today, or stop by our retail center and ask for help.