Landscaping Tips for Your Ohio Home

Good curb appeal requires time and attention on your home’s landscaping. Professional Property Maintenance of Dayton, OH offers these landscaping tips for enhancing your home’s exterior year-round.

1. Start with a solid landscape design.

You want your landscaping to accent your home’s character, rather than detract from it. The best way to do this is to hire a landscape designer who can recommend the best use of your outdoor space. A solid landscape design includes not only what to plant where, but it also includes hardscaping, mulch, and other unique features.

2. Remember that landscaping requires year-round attention.

Unless your landscaping is buried under a foot of snow, you want to make sure you’re tending to your flower beds, keeping trees trimmed, and preventing weeds from popping up. For most Ohio residents, these efforts begin in early spring and continue until snow falls. If the constant care is too much for you, remember that you can always hire a local landscaper to take care of the maintenance.

3. Choose plants that look good in every season.

Not all plants or flowers look good all year. It’s important to choose some basic plants or shrubs that maintain their look year-round and then supplement them with flowers or plants that blossom during specific seasons. The goal is for your landscaping to look fresh from the first blooms of spring through the cold of winter.

4. Don’t overlook the value of mulch.

Mulch has many benefits that you as a homeowner don’t want to overlook. We recommend that you mulch in the spring to enhance curb appeal early on and to take full advantage of mulch’s other benefits.

Need more landscaping tips and tricks for your Ohio home? Contact Professional Property Maintenance at (937) 236-5531, or stop by our Dayton retail center. We’ll gladly help you enhance your home’s curb appeal and make landscaping more manageable.

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