Fall Landscaping To-Do List

While the changing fall leaves and dormant plants can make you think that landscaping season is over, quite the opposite is true. Many Dayton OH homeowners do not realize that the fall season is just as important to their lawn and landscaping as spring. In fact, successful spring growth depends on fall landscaping to be at its best.

Professional Property Maintenance, Ohio’s premier landscaping expert, suggests this fall landscaping to-do list (some info adapted from ThisOldHouse.com’s Fall Landscaping Checklist):

⇒ Clean up your flower beds.

Give perennials one last trim. Experts suggest trimming them back to the ground. Don’t worry. They’ll bloom better than ever come spring. Go ahead and uproot annuals.

⇒ Aerate your lawn.

Aeration allows water and nutrients to reach your grass’s roots, keeping it healthier over the long haul.

⇒ Apply a fertilizer.

Using a high-phosphorus blend can help “lawns in fall to encourage roots, so turf greens up earlier in spring,” according to ThisOldHouse.com.

⇒ Clean up fallen leaves.

While playing in the leaves can be a fun fall activity, it’s best not to leave them on your lawn through the winter.

⇒ Plant new shrubs or trees.

While planting in the fall may seem counterintuitive, many landscaping experts agree that fall can be a great time to plant in Ohio. Be sure to also spread a new layer of mulch around these new plants.

Invest in your landscaping by taking some extra time and effort during the fall. Doing so will help your lawn look healthier and more robust, and your plants will bloom earlier in the years to come.

If this fall landscaping to-do list is more than you’d like to tackle on your own, call Dayton’s Professional Property Maintenance. A professional, residential landscaper, Professional Property Maintenance can get your lawn and landscaping ready for winter. We provide services ranging from mulching and tree removal to shrub trimming and hardscaping.

Call Professional Property Maintenance at 937-236-5531 for a quote on fall landscaping and maintenance for your Ohio home.

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