Choosing the Best Concrete Style for Your Home

Concrete is an important part to completing the overall look of your home. Figuring out what colors and designs of concrete to use may seem like a broad task, but by looking at the architectural style of your house, you can narrow down your choices to the most appropriate stylistic options. When you’re discussing selections with your concrete contractor, plan on a project that harmonizes with your home’s exterior appearance.

  • Country-Style Homes: With a traditional appearance, these homes usually have an extended front porch and a steeply inclined roof. If wood siding or stone accents the house, it evokes a very naturalistic look, so it’s complementary for the concrete to do the same. Driveways and concrete patios look best in warm tones and really shine when the concrete is stamped with a wood plank pattern.
  • Spanish-Style Homes: This style of home typically features low-pitched roofs with red tiles, decorative columns, large arches above the main door, and a white or terra cotta exterior. Concrete designs influenced by the Spanish style mimic the design and tones of the roof. Indoor concrete floors can be applied in the same tile or slate pattern as the roof, with elaborate geometric designs in the center.
  • Classic Ranch Homes: Known for their simplicity and efficiently spaced floor plans, ranch homes are found nearly everywhere in the U.S. The decorative appearance of a ranch home consists of a concrete patio and an exterior of brick or clapboard siding. Due to the minimal appearance of ranch homes, concrete driveways can add decorative details to have more curb appeal; for example, stenciled or stamped concrete can enhance the look of the home. A patio can be refined with some concrete staining.
  • Colonial-Style Homes: Characterized by a symmetrical and rectangular shape, colonial-style homes are traditionally brick or wood and have a front door with pillars on each side. For the walkway, stamped concrete can maximize the decorative appeal of the classic exterior, and for the driveway, circular-patterned concrete can offset the rectangular shape of the home.

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